DC inverter compressor, step-less regulation of load and rotary speed, highly efficient and energy saving
DC inverter fan, automatically adjustable fan speed, low noise and energy saving
Thickened sound-absorbing cotton, effective noise insulation
R410A refrigerant adopted, high cooling capacity per unit volume
Large-area condensing coils adopted, ensuring high temperature operation
Integrated enclosure, no separate machine room, saving space and easy installation

Added wind heating tapes to avoid wind ring icing and ensure normal motor operation
Optimized heat exchanger fin spacing, improving frosting and ensuring the good performance of the heat exchanger
Hydrophilic aluminum foils for fins, effectively reducing frost accumulation
Unique logo design, distinguishing from the traditional chiller models

A cooling capacity of 1.4 ~ 20.7kw, including two categories SOLO/DUO of 46 models
4.5mm/6.3mm fin spacing, flexible options
Suitable for SC1 \ SC2 \ SC3 working conditions, and more applications
Optional electric defrost/air defrost
Short defrost time, high efficiency, low energy consumption
Highly efficient corrugated fin + internal thread heat exchange tube, increased heat exchange area, higher heat exchange efficiency
Side panel hinges

Apply brand compressors with built-in oil separators, reliable oil return without internal leakage
Large condenser design with high heat transfer area, applicable for the ambient temperature range of -15 to 48°C, -30°C is also optional application
Options: mechanical control/PCB control/no electronic control
Internet-capable, equipped with 485 RS connection for PCB control
Options: solenoid valve liquid line to avoid liquid in the compressor

Stepless adjustment of guiding valve between 25%~100%
Integrated MT/LT application for variable temperatures
Simple design of oil system for reliable oil return
Embedded NTC thermal resistor can read the motor’s temperature and inhale to cool down for safe operation

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